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Steam wishist

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You take on the roles of both the sorcerer and the thief. 

The Port city of Lewyst has become the dingy, crime-infested underbelly of the Realm. Two rival crime chapters vie for influence, while noble families fight over the Barony. At the centre of everything lies a new potion, so addictive that it enslaves all who take it. ​


Talesin, the very capable, yet very flawed ‘watcher’, is dispatched by the Sorcerers Guild to investigate. As our wayward sorcerer delves into an emerging conspiracy, he forms an unlikely alliance with the young Olwyna Vrak, member of the powerful yet declining Vrak crime dynasty.

Our Tale

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Runes are the building blocks of magic. 

Sorcery is an integral part of the game. As you explore the world you'll learn more about Runes and how they work.


Find Rune Scrolls to add to your spell book, learn to change your form into different animals, explore the many Planes and try your hand at the art of Plane building.


As you grow your abilities and improve your standing within the Sorcerers Guild, you'll begin the journey to solving the mystery over what Runes truly are.

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