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Runes - The Card Game

Runes is also the name of our card minigame which mirrors the game itself, where opponents build parties around a hero character, using items, spells and combat moves to defeat each other. 

Meeting certain characters, finding items, or learning new spells and combat moves will grant you that relevant playing card. These are spread throughout the map. Consider it our way of tracking your completion of the game and our reward system for exploring. 

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Each player starts with one hero card. If this card is defeated, then you lose the game. To help avoid this and better attack the opponent, a player builds a party around their hero by bringing other characters into play. 

Each character will have health and stamina. Some will also have mana. Both stamina and mana dictate how much a character card can do each turn. 

Characters are usually either melee or ranged, which dictates where in the party they are placed. 

A character's attack, defence, health, stamina and mana can all be increased by playing items or casting spells. 

Character Cards

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An item increases a character's stats. 

A sword or shield can increase the damage and defence stats. The stammina of a character dictates how many attacks they can deal each turn. The overall defence stat is subtracted from the damage, with the final number the amount of health removed from the opponent's attacked card. 

A character's overall stats, such as health, mana and stamina, can also be temporarily increased each turn, usually by drinking potions. A higher stamina and mana for one turn means that character can cast more spells and deal more attacks. 

Item cards

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Each character has a basic attack, which usually costs one stamina to use. Sometimes combat card can also be played, which are more effective and difficult to block. 

Some characters can also cast spells, which can have a variety of effects on both friendly and opposing characters. The more complicated the spell, the more mana needed to cast it. 

Spells and Move cards

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To buy or Not to buy

Having developed a mini-game from the original content, a lot of our early feedback has been to release Runes as a card game in its own right. But we would love to hear what you think.

So the question is, would you be interested in Runes the card game as a project in its own right? Let us know in our forum! 

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